What is this place?

I'm Wraith, and this is my personal Escape on the internet. Welcome to my yee-yee-ass-website. It's a bit unfinished and new, so if you run into empty things, try coming back later when I've had more time to fill it with content.

Social media sucks and connects people with advertisers rather than connecting people with their friends. I wanted someplace to go that wasn't reddit, twitter, or any of the other same five websites where most content goes these days. A place with no doomscrolling, no profit motive, no algorithm. A place truly mine that I can make as stupid as I goddamn please. So here it is.

Who runs this site?

I'm [redacted][xxnamexx], (he/him). I'm vaguely close to 30. I'm from [redacted],[placename] in the United States. I like [Presumably, something, anything? I should have interests right? Humans have interests so I do too, sure!]


Home - you are here
Hello - a future comments page
Journal - my blog
  Cardassians and Villainy - article relating to star trek
Links - cool things I thought were noteworthy on other sites
Quest - A little ascii "map" that leads to different places
  Desert - Eye Strain Warning! A wild west themed page
  RDR2 Shrine
  Swamp - Eye Strain Warning! a frog themed page
  Ocean - Eye Strain Warning! an ocean themed page
  Mountains - Eye Strain Warning! a snowy mountain themed page